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Sección de Estudios Arqueológicos y Prehistóricos de la Real Academia de Cultura Valenciana


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The Collado is situated on the slope of a terminal elevation of a low-lying mountain range, a few hundred metres above current sea level and about seven kilometres in a straight line from the coast, a little more than one metre above the start of the marsh. Around 9,000 BC, a small group of maybe five or six humans with obvious signs of kinship installed. After the excavation work, which began in 1987, we were able to complete the subsequent research process with archaeological, anthropological and radiocarbon analyses. The chronology defined by archaeological methods was initially backed up by four radiocarbon datings, as well as others.

These results established that this archaeological site was occupied between the 9.500 -5.500 B.P, from the Mesotihic to the Protoneolithic.

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