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Cova Foradà is located in the west part of a low hill that, together other forms part of the set called Muntanyetes de Oliva, the last foothills of Serra de Mustalla over the coastal floodplain of the Gulf of Valencia into the municipality of Oliva, Valencia. The importance of Cova Foradà de Oliva as an archaeological site is demonstrated after the findings made during 39 years of researching and studies. Between the Mesolithic and the Musterian we find, without a solution of continuity, the whole sequence known as Upper Paleolithic, Magdalenian, Solutrean and Gravittean-Aurignacian. The singularity of the Medium Paleolithic levels is determined by the anthropological discoveries corresponding at least, and by the moment, to three individuals among whom one, the CF10, matches with a Neanderthal specimen with the whole skull, a large part or the total of the rib cage, vertebrae and ribs, maybe many of the upper limbs and some rest to identify from the lower limbs.

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